Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I believe that every person, has inside of them, many different character traits. And that at points in your life you are given opportunities/ information / or Wake-up calls, that give you the opportunity to improve one of  these characteristics.  Our challenge is to step up and take it, become better, or to watch it, shrug, and stagnate.

I hope I am strong enough to take it.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Disneyland February 2014

As soon as School got out Friday, we loaded up the car and headed to California.

The Boys have known for awhile now that we were going to Disneyland and they were so excited!
 So Excited that they were up at 6:30 the next morning.  An Hour and a Half before the Park opens. (True it was 7:30 Utah time.... but that didn't help us entertain them, with NO TV channels.)
 Jack had a Powdered Doughnut for Breakfast, and then I cleaned up the floor.  Oh My, So Messy!
 Then we were ready to go!  They ran up and down the walkway, while we were waiting for Nick, singing "I am Mickey, I am Mickey, ........, ........., ...
 Our hotel was really close o Disney so we walked over.  of course they were All faster than me.
Those little backpacks were a god-send.  They each carried their own treats, water and Trading Pins.
 As we entered the park we saw, Goofy, Mickey, Minnie and Pluto.  We let Coop choose who HE wanted a picture with.  Jacks was not consulted, as he was terrified by all of them.
The teapot ride is always so fun and my boys were ecstatic!
 I love that they match the teacup they chose.
Jacks was hilarious, he giggled the whole time.
 The next Character we ran into was Jessie, and as this picture shows i think Coop thought he could just jump into her arms.....Yikes, hope he didn't hurt her.

 She was very gracious, and posed so sweetly with him, and even gave him a big hug.

After lunch we decided to buy the boys their "Mickey Ears". When we got in the store we quickly discovered that thy did not want anything Traditional.  after trying to lead them in the traditional direction, nick and I decided that it really didn't matter and that the boys would be happiest  and more confident if we let them choose for themselves.  So jacks chose a Perry the Platypus, and Coop chose a "Sulley" monster hat.  my favorite part about what they chose was that I specifically dressed them in the same color so they would be easy to locate, and the two hats they chose are so similar in color that it made that even easier.

 We spent some time in Toon Town (My favorite) and went in to see Mickey.  Jacks freaked out and wouldn't go anywhere near, so Nick kept him off to the side.
 Just playing around on Donalds' Boat.
            Hanging out on the Trolley.........
                                   Getting run over..........................
                                       .............Pretending to be cool like Bubba.
 The hats were a little small for us, but the boys insisted.
 Sitting on the tires after Roger Rabbit.  Kind of looks like they are taking a bathroom break. (Eek)
 When Jacks climbed up on the Fire Truck, he looked so serious, so I asked him to look happy....
 And his is what I got.  He is such a little ham.
 Those little legs were kind of weak though and we heard a lot of "My foot is hurting".  So eventually Dad gave in, just to get him to be quiet!  It didn't help that his shoes have NO support at all.
 We had a great time on the Pirate Island.  Except Mom, who was really hurting after all the stairs, crouching, climbing and scampering.  They were incredibly excited to find the Pirates Treasure.  At California Adventure on Monday one of the street sweepers told them she had stolen some of the gold while she was cleaning and gave them each a coin. They were thrilled!
 Jack was very interested in where we were on the map.  it was pretty cute!
 Tired Boy waiting in line at the Haunted Mansion.  We took the boys on every ride we could, even the ones that were a little bit scary, and they did GREAT!
 Here we are waiting in line for Pirates of the Caribbean at sunset.  It was a very long day!
We only purchased a 2-day pass to the park thinking that if, on Sunday, all was good, we would just add another day.  I am very glad we chose to not get that 3rd day.  We didn't get back to the hotel until almost 10, and the boys were so tired on Sunday that we were all pretty miserable. I am also pretty sure my knee couldn't have handled another Full Park day.
But we woke up Monday morning rested and ready to hit California Adventure.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Pottery Blog Update

Click on the sidebar if you would like to see the new pots I am working on.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Things I don't want to forget. Christmas 2013.

Favorite moments Countdown:
#10 All The Christmas treats. Yum
#9 The sweet cards I got from students. AHH
#8 My wonderful sweet thoughtful gifts from Nickolas. Love Him!
#7 Cooper getting his first Thank you notes from teachers, and watching his face when he read them. Priceless
#6 Staying up Christmas Eve playing Games with the in-laws. (ever played Munchkins? So fun)
#5 My Mom and Dad coming to visit and see me singing in concerts for the first time since College. Thanks
#4 Singing my heart out in the tabernacle for our Last Christmas Concert! Especially all those High G's and A's!
#3 Taking Cooper and Jacks Christmas shopping for each other. Love those boys.
#2 The Amazing Acoustics in the Catholic Church for our First Christmas concert. WOW
#1 Signing Silent Night onstage the last night of "Forgotten Carols" with Coop signing back from the 2nd row.  Amazing.

Monday, January 6, 2014


Jacks " I don't want to kiss a princess, that's really gross"
       Now say it again with a really cute "baby lisp".  Love it.

At the checkout at the store I bumped a wall and Jacks said. " what are you doing that?"  Hmmm..

While rubbing my arm. Jacks " I like this shirt."

A couple of days ago Jacks told me, because he ate so much pizza, he was going to get "fluffy". Hee hee.

Holiday posts coming soon.  I hope.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snow Day part 2

So, when you live in a warm climate, snow, ANY snow, puts people on edge.

So the Stake President just cancelled Church.

I don't really blame him, the idea of all those old people drivers in a church parking lot, 
would make anyone wary.
 I was supposed to sing in church today, so I am a little sad about that though.

I will just have to stay home and hang out with my boys.

 Here is a video of us doing donuts in the Church Parking lot last night.

Ward Christmas Party 2013

Tonight was our Ward Christmas Party, so we got to see Santa!!

 Coop is such an old pro at it.

And despite letting Jacks sit and watch Santa for like 20 minutes, he still would not have anything to do with him.
So I made him.  He was very mad at me!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Snow Day

Where we live, Snow Days, are few and far between.
So I called my neighbor, and she came over and took some pictures, that I am using for our Christmas card this year.

Her are some of the out takes!

It was so fun and the quickest photo shoot ever.

Hayley did such a good job, and we got some awesome shots.
I am so excited for our 2013 Christmas cards!

Jacks Stuff

Jacks thoughts on The Sacrament: "I growing up because I have a little bread, and a little water."

Jacks favorite part of Wednesday: "Dallin" (his best friend at the babysitters)

Jacks Dance Moves: Involve shaking his head, and spanking his own bum.
There is no Jacks, like my Jacks, Anywhere!!