Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Things I don't want to forget. Christmas 2013.

Favorite moments Countdown:
#10 All The Christmas treats. Yum
#9 The sweet cards I got from students. AHH
#8 My wonderful sweet thoughtful gifts from Nickolas. Love Him!
#7 Cooper getting his first Thank you notes from teachers, and watching his face when he read them. Priceless
#6 Staying up Christmas Eve playing Games with the in-laws. (ever played Munchkins? So fun)
#5 My Mom and Dad coming to visit and see me singing in concerts for the first time since College. Thanks
#4 Singing my heart out in the tabernacle for our Last Christmas Concert! Especially all those High G's and A's!
#3 Taking Cooper and Jacks Christmas shopping for each other. Love those boys.
#2 The Amazing Acoustics in the Catholic Church for our First Christmas concert. WOW
#1 Signing Silent Night onstage the last night of "Forgotten Carols" with Coop signing back from the 2nd row.  Amazing.

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*rOcKiN rIcHiNs* said...

I didn't know you did Lieto! Lucky lady to have so many memories to store away for a later day :)