Sunday, January 20, 2013

Boys Room

This project has been in the works for awhile, but it is finally done (minus a few touches).

I started by painting these cute canvases and putting clothes pins on them, so the boys could display the things they have made, or invitations/ certificates.  I think they turned out great.  i used tape to block them off then painted them with regular acrylic paint, kind-of fading the color out toward the edge.
This wall by the closet has the same basic idea, but it is more gallery style for art.
The shelf on top we added yesterday the board has "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are gray..  We sing that song EVERY night before bed.  I am going to get current pictures of the boys framed, to put next to it on the shelf.
These are the boys shelves.  The Picture sitting on the lower shelf will be hung between the shelves once it is reframed. and I found a cute vinyl that says something like ..being a brother is better than being a superhero..... that I will put by it.
Each Boy has their own shelf to put their "Treasures"
The top shelf is Coopers.  He can reach it from his bunk.  He put his legos, trophies and piggy banks up there so Jacks can't get them.
Jacks shelf is a little bare.  he doesn't have any trophies, so he put his trains and favorite cars on it.  Last night he kept having me lift him up so he could see his trains!
 I finally Finished Jacks big-boy-quilt.  My Mom helped me clip all the seams while she was here for Christmas.  
It was a crazy-lot of work, but i love how it turned out.  I had to make each and every one of those different balls, and then about 15 Star squares too!  Just like with Coops, I hope (after all that work) that this is a quilt he will love and use for Years!

I got this great Vinyl to go above the door. "Guess how much I love you?"
Isn't it great?  I love how it ties all the colors in the room together.  I still need to paint the Toy Box, it will be the color of the blue stripe.
 Now stripes are not easy to do, especially on orange peel walls, but here is how i did it.

First I used yarn to show where the tape should be after I marked all the measurements on the wall and baseboard.  We had already painted this wall the color of the ceiling/baseboard so the colors would stand out better.

 My space that need to stay wall color were 4 inches, so using the yarn as a guide we taped in all the areas that needed to stay white using 2 inch tape.
 Then this is the most genius part!  I found this hint online.  "Paint the edge of your tape the wall color"  that way if the paint bleeds underneath it is the color of the wall!!  Brilliant right!
 But I did have to go back in a couple of places where the tape had buckled and squish it back down using the back of the paintbrush, but I think part of the problem was that my tape was kind of old.
 Then let dry and paint with the color you want!

 When all the colors are on the wall, let dry until you can touch the wall.  be careful to rip the tape from the wall, down and away, so the edge of the tape helps "cut" the edge.
And voila, perfect lines, perfect edges, and on orange peel!!
Love it!!!
There you go my first ever tutorial!!  Pretty proud of it!!

And that is the boys room!


*rOcKiN rIcHiNs* said...

Turned out cute I'd say! Great job!

Elise said...

So cute! The stripes are very nice. And I LOVE the treasure shelves. Good idea. :)

Now what about that 2nd bathroom that we talked about? Tutorial #2?? :)

Sarah said...

So cute! Want to come help me?